Shagoon Maurya

Counselling Psychologist And Psychotherapist

I’m an Indian Psychologist helping Indians residing abroad via in person, online and live counselling sessions. I have helped around 1000 individuals including Asians living abroad to overpower their day to day social, emotional, and psychological challenges.

My academic background and work experience is coloured with a wide range of opportunities learning and working with diverse population. I have worked in clinical, educational, organisational and counselling settings. I highly value providing a supportive, non judgemental and collaborative Safe Space for people who are going through a rough time in their lives. 

Being a Psychotherapist, I trust in an innovative yet straightforward approach to bring out certain enthusiastic, social and intellectual changes in individuals. In one sentence, empowering energy, self-care and emotional well-being is my life’s enthusiasm.

My goal is to together create meaningful changes to your lives!

Professional Credentials


  • Australian Counselling Association (18665)
  • American Psychological Association (C2103178548)
  • Counsellors Council of India (CRN5048039)
  • Psychological First Aid (John Hopkins)
  • International Certified Career Coach

Education Background

  • PGD in Counselling & Psychotherapy – The University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Masters in Psychology – The University of Delhi, India
  • Bachelors (Hons) in Psychology – The University of Delhi, India

Areas Of Expertise

Over the years of practising, I know that there is no single approach or therapy is the right one for everyone, so I have been trained professionally as a Psychotherapist in the range of modalities. I use the tailor made approach to meet clients’ unique needs. My goal is to provide my clients the quickest relief possible by providing them person-centred approach and integrating the various evidence based therapy approaches.

My enthusiasm is to associate with individuals from Indian social foundations and assist them with exploring their direction by beating their barriers in various parts of their lives. I help my clients, which incorporate adolescents, couples and families, to discover a solid impression of themselves and fortify their relationship elements. My specialities are:  

Why Asian Psychologist (me)?
  • One of the essential functions of a culture is to provide ways to relieve the suffering of its people. Since many forms of suffering, emotional distress, psychological stress are inevitably related to cultural patterns, patriarchal attitudes, the approach of healing also follow the culture’s characteristic value and beliefs. 
  • Asian culture influences how we understand ourselves which includes overall mental health and well-being. As asians we love to live together in clusters and stay connected to our community but at times it becomes difficult when we try to be individualistic.  
  • Working with a psychologist who shares your identity can not only help you to combat stigma but also to build up a stronger therapeutic relationship. 
  • Having a culturally competent therapist will allow you to fully express your feelings and emotions as I understand your personal beliefs, values and experience better. It helps to remove assumptions and judgements which makes it easier to connect and understand the language with your therapist. It’s one of the most effective and reliable ways to connect with someone who looks like you.
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