Adolescent Counselling

What is adolescent counseling?

Adolescence, the age or period of turbulence between 10 and 21 years of age, is that stage of human development when a child transitions to an adult. Puberty and changes in hormones start affecting their moods and thoughts. 

Adolescent counseling is crucial for any young adult to help them understand the changes they are going through and who they are becoming.

Who can benefit from adolescent counseling?

If your teenager is 

  • Sad or withdrawn
  • Has frequent bouts of anger
  • Is anxious
  • Has Body image issues
  • Is dealing with Bullying
  • Is depressed and stressed
  • Has eating disorders
  • Is affected by family conflict
  • Is dealing with grief and loss
  • Has Interpersonal conflict
  • Has Relationship issues
  • Has undergone school refusal and disengagement
  • Has resorted to self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • Is dealing with self-esteem issues
  • Is dealing with Sexuality issues 
  • Is undergoing Sleep issues
  • Resorts to social isolation

What can be expected out of an adolescent counseling session?

  • Clear and mindful conversations with both the parent and the adolescent.
  • Establish achievable outcomes that both you and your teenager are motivated to achieve (peace at home, being able to go out with friends, practicing honest communication).
  • Coordinate counseling sessions involving only your teenager, only yourself, and joint sessions to review progress.
  • Celebrate breakthroughs and successes.
  • Review the plan, and maintain the improvements achieved.